Disposable Mask Update

Disposable Mask Update

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there is a global shortage of disposable masks. Although the impact on the UK of the virus has so far been limited, there has been an exceptional demand in the UK for disposable masks. 

At full capacity, China manufactures 20 million masks a day. With the current situation where several provinces in China have made it compulsory to wear masks in public, a combined population of 300 million are in need.

The Chinese Government have banned the export of masks and disposables.

Once UK supplies are out of stock and after the Chinese export ban is over, we anticipate it will take 3-4 months to replenish stock.

In addition to the mask shortage, disposable coveralls and gloves and potentially some forms of goggles will also be affected.  We are afraid stocks will be difficult to source and maintain throughout this period. Your patience is appreciated throughout this difficult time within the supply chain.


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