Superior SCXPNTFC Emerald CX Liquid Proof Kevlar/Wire-Core Gloves with Full Micropore Nitrile Coating

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Emerald CX gloves feature an engineered blend of super-strong materials, combining some of the strongest fibres known to man. They provide exceptional cut resistance, reaching an impressive EN388 cut-level 5 protection, But cut resistance is not the best thing about these gloves; the best thing is that they don’t feel like you could possibly be wearing a quarter mile of steel on your hands. These gloves combine Kevlar® and Wire-Core™ steel for EN388 cut-level 5 protection. They are fully coated in a micropore nitrile dip that renders these gloves liquid proof. Perfect for job applications that require resistance to oils and liquids, yet require a good grip. The micropore nitrile coating absorbs and displaces oils and liquids, creating a “suction” grip when handling slippery objects. With these gloves, you get protection without compromised dexterity and an outstanding grip.
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Brand Superior Glove Works

Blend of Kevlar® and Wire-Core steel for EN388 cut-level 5 protection

With over a quarter-mile of steel in each glove, the cut and abrasion resistance is twice that of a regular Kevlar® glove

Full micropore nitrile coating makes gloves liquid proof

Excellent "suction" grip in wet/oily conditions

High abrasion resistance along with great comfort and dexterity

Conforms to EN388 4542

2810 grams of cut protection